The Eyelash Design Company (EDC) was formed in 2006 by founder and director, Beverly Piper, and has gained a reputation for providing the best eyelash products and training in the industry.  The company offers lash and brow treatments with brands including Lash Perfect, Brow Perfect Microblading and Hi Brow, along with a full range of high-quality professional and retail products.  We are an international company, with our brands distributed in over 35 countries worldwide.

As a company, we have remained true to our initial philosophy – to offer the very best professional and retail products and training to the professional eyelash treatment market. The success of Lash Perfect worldwide led to the development of the EDC’s international brands Brow Perfect and Hi Brow, two brands that provide premier eyebrow treatments. As experienced beauty professionals, we are committed to offering the finest quality products with the best possible ingredients.

Among our array of popular services are Classic, Russian and Express eyelash extension treatments, along with  Lash Lift – a natural lash enhancement treatment. Another popular service is Microblading by Brow Perfect; this treatment involves applying semi-permanent colour to the eyebrow with an incredibly fine, sterile blade to create realistic hair strokes which last up to 18 months!

The Franchise Industry

The UK franchise industry has consistently shown that franchising is the most successful route into self employment. Over 90% of all franchisees report profitability where as one in two business go bust with a few years outside of the franchise industry.  The reasons for the success of franchising mainly revolve around the fact that new franchise owners are mentored by entrepreneurs who have already been successful and can teach others how to replicate that success.  Franchisees avoid the common mistakes and the typical learning curve that all new businesses have to endure. 

Your franchise is also a valuable business that can be sold in the future. Unlike an independent therapist each Lash Perfect franchisee owns the brand rights at a local level creating the opportunity to sell those rights to someone else at a future date.  When you successfully establish a Lash Perfect franchise it becomes a valuable asset for the future.

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