Lash Perfect Piccadilly
Lash Perfect Piccadilly

Lash Perfect’s Beauty Bar franchise is a high quality beauty salon that focus’s on Lash Perfect’s eye and brow treatments. This is a proven business model with locations already operational in Central London and Essex. Two very different premises with very different demographics, but with a successful outcome.

Beauty Salons in the UK

The rise of the independent beauty salon over the last 20 years has been nothing short of a retail revolution. The market for beauty treatments has outperformed almost every other retail sector. Where once there were convenience stores and newsagents beauty salons have moved in. Most salons are independently owned with a small number of therapists. As a result a large proportion of those are trading below the VAT threshold which creates a barrier to growth. Those salons that expand have the cashflow to invest in professional product ranges. As a result they can also keep up to date with new trends.

Beauty clientele are paying premium prices and they are increasingly expecting a premium salon experience. Despite the growth of the salon market we have capitalised on a noticeable shift towards specialised salons like ours which provide a “go to” destination for those who want the very best that is available.

You’ll need to be a solvent individual or company due to the investment required to open a beauty bar. Depending on the location and standard of the existing building an investment of £50,000 upwards should be envisaged. As a result you will also need to take a long term view of the business to recoup the start up costs. However, a mature franchise can be a lucrative Salon and a destination of choice in its locality. By standing head and shoulders above most salons your own beauty bar (or chain of beauty bars) benefits from greatly from our high profile and recognised brand name. Where else can a start up salon boast a market leading brand name than in franchising?

Find out more today about opening your own Lash Perfect Beauty Bar by contacting Debbie Cheetham on 07970 210418